Statement on Agent Regulations

Monday 19 Jun 2023
NFAR Arbitration update

The Agencies CAA Base, Wasserman, Stellar and ARETÉ have commenced arbitration proceedings to challenge the implementation by the FA of the National Football Agent Regulations (NFAR) relating to English domestic transfers. 
An expedited timetable has been agreed and it is expected that a decision will be given by an arbitral tribunal appointed under FA Rule K by 30 September 2023. No further details can be provided due to confidentiality restrictions. 
There are various ongoing legal challenges in other jurisdictions relating to the implementation by FIFA of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (FFAR), which apply to international transfers. The FA is not a party to any of those proceedings. 
The FA will provide an update as soon as it is able to regarding any decisions that affect the NFAR.

By FA Staff