England defender Michael Keane helps take us through braking strength exercises

Wednesday 03 Jun 2020
Have you been following our Train like the Pride fitness programme?

So far you have tested yourself in week one against our benchmarks and across weeks 2-4 been introduced to the three physical capabilities that we expose the national players to which are: braking strength, sprinting strength and repeat and recover.

Following that you've been exposed to an accumulation phase and should have re-tested yourself, hopefully having improved your scores from week one. If you've missed any of these weeks we would definitely recommend to go back and work through the programme week by week.

Now you've retested, it's time to move onto the final phase of training, the intensification phase across weeks 9-12.

This phase is all about increasing the intensity of the work across each of these three physical capabilities.

During week nine, we will focus on intensification of braking strength so expect exercise progressions rather than a higher number of repetitions from here on in.

As a reminder, braking strength is the physical capability that is designed to influence a players ability to cope with international match play, specifically in 1v1 defending, pressing and rapid changes of direction.


For all sessions that you do, make sure that you warm up properly. This can involve jogging, bodyweight exercises, dynamic stretching and other things that you normally do to get your body prepared for exercise.


The braking strength programme is attached here. This programme is progressive in nature, and the intensity increases as you progress through the programme.

Now you have retested, if you are below the benchmark, you should complete the programme three times per week and complete four sets.

If you're at or above the benchmark, you should complete the programme twice per week for four sets, using the other days to focus on another of the physical capabilities that may need further improvement, such as sprinting strength or repeat and recover.

Remember to stay hydrated, eat and sleep well to make sure that you’re recovering from exercise and the day’s other stresses. 

Week 8 - The retesting
Week 7 - Repeat & recover
Week 6 - Sprinting
Week 5 - Braking
Week 4 - Repeat & Recover
Week 3 - Sprinting
Week 2 - Braking 
Week 1 - Introduction

By FA Staff