In this week's Train like the Pride edition, we use aerobic work to improve recovery

Wednesday 29 Apr 2020
England's Danny Rose will be helping showcase this week's exercise in 'Train Like The Pride'

In this week's edition of Train Like The Pride, presented by Nike, we look at the aspect of 'repeat and recover' by using aerobic work to increase your durability in the long term.

Exercise scientist Peter Tierney presents this week's edition, with Three Lions and Newcastle defender Danny Rose demonstrating some of the exercises.


We can capture an athlete’s repeat and recover capability by measuring their 1km running time. By developing your ability to repeat and recover, you can improve your ability to recover between intense efforts in matches, so that you thrive, not just survive, in the demands of the game. A better aerobic fitness will help you recover faster between sessions, and also may reduce your likelihood of injury.


For all sessions that you do, make sure that you warm up properly. This can involve jogging, bodyweight exercises, dynamic stretching and other things that you normally do to get your body prepared for exercise. You could even walk your distance out as part of your warm up so you are familiar with where you will be running.

Remember to stay hydrated and eat and sleep well to make sure that you are recovering from exercise and the day’s other stresses.

The repeat and recover running programme is listed below. This programme is progressive in nature, and the intensity increases as you progress through the programme.

If you are below the benchmark, you could consider running three times per week. If you are at the benchmark, you could consider running twice per week, and use the other days to focus on other areas that may need further improvement, such as sprinting capability.

See and download the running programme here.

By FA Staff