England U21s' Max Aarons helps showcase the latest phase of Train like the Pride

Wednesday 13 May 2020
England U21s and Norwich City's Max Aarons helps show you how to Train like a Lion this week

In this week’s edition of Train Like The Pride presented by Nike, we go back to sprinting strength, with one of our exercise scientists Emily Cain and England U21s defender Max Aarons, goalkeeper Dean Henderson and Lionesses' Lauren Hemp helping demonstrate the exercises.

Read more below, and then watch the video itself for more inspiration.


Sprinting is a frequent and important part of international football which can induce high levels of fatigue across the hamstrings and ankles. Developing sprinting capability can help reduce the cost of these actions to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Sprinting capability is the ability of the ankles and hamstrings to cope with the repeated sprinting demands of international football. It can be split into two different qualities: ankle reactivity, which is the ability of the ankle complex to produce high forces with minimal ground contact time, and hamstring strength, which is the ability of the hamstrings muscles to produce and absorb force.



Weeks 5-8 accumulation - this phase is biased towards developing muscular endurance qualities, therefore you will undertake greater volume of each of the exercises.

There are two different sessions in this phase, one is biased towards strength and power, the second session is biased towards muscular endurance. The strength and power session is designed to build the ability to tolerate intense actions such as maximal sprinting. The muscular endurance session is designed to condition you to be resilient to repeat these actions. Your sprinting capability profiling score will dictate your program for this phase.

Find out more with plans for sessions one and three.

By FA Staff