Wembley remembers the victims of the conflicts in Israel and Palestine

Thursday 12 Oct 2023
England men's senior team take on Australia at Wembley Stadium on Friday 13 October

On Friday evening, we will remember the innocent victims of the devastating events in Israel and Palestine.

Our thoughts are with them, and their families and friends in England and Australia and with all the communities who are affected by this ongoing conflict. We stand for humanity and an end to the death, violence, fear and suffering.

England and Australia players will wear black armbands during their match at Wembley Stadium and there will also be a period of silence held before kick off.

Following discussions with partners and external stakeholders, we will only permit flags, replica kits and other representations of nationality for the competing nations inside Wembley Stadium for the upcoming matches against Australia [13 Oct] and Italy [17 Oct].

The British Red Cross have also launched an emergency appeal to support the people affected by the humanitarian crisis in the region, and we will promote this appeal within the stadium on Friday.

By Communications department