Category splits & advice for Travel Club members submitting World Cup applications

Wednesday 20 Apr 2022
Applications close at 10am on Thursday 28 April 2022

We initially advised all members who were applying for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets to do so before Monday 18 April 2022.  This was to give us time to review the data and advise members if any category changes are required before the final application deadline to ensure as many members as possible obtain tickets in their desired categories.

As of 8 pm on Monday 18 April, we are pleased to confirm that we have received information on our allocations, category splits, and the current application data from FIFA.

Allocation and Category Splits



Before we offer any advice, it is important to understand the following:

  • The information and advice provided in this news story are subject to change based on the number of applications submitted by the England Supporters Travel Club members.

  • We have requested that FIFA provide us with updated data a final time on Monday 25 April so that we can offer another update to members based on what we would consider to be ‘near final’ ticket demand.

  • Caps earned from the March fixtures have now been added and will be considered in any future ballots.

  • Once the application results are finalised members will be unable to ‘pick-and-choose’ which matches they want from any they have been successful with.  As it stands, it looks likely that most applications will be successful.  We strongly advise members to consider this and only apply for the matches they wish to attend and can afford

  • Separate advice will be provided regarding applications for Categories 1 to 3 and for Wheelchair/Ambulant categories.


Application Guidance and Advice: Categories 1 to 3

At the time of writing, Wednesday 20 April 2022, only the following categories for the below specific matches are oversubscribed:

  • England v Iran:                                  Category 1
  • England v USA:                                 Category 1
  • England v European play-off:     Category 1 and Category 3
  • The Final:                                            Category 1

These categories are oversubscribed, however, only by a small amount.  We advise that anyone who has applied for the above to ensure they have selected the option to be moved to another category should their first choice be unavailable.

As previously stated, we hope to receive updated application data from FIFA on Monday 25 April 2022.  This will enable us to offer final advice on the match and category availability.  It is our hope that we can provide the lowest possible cap cut-off points needed to be allocated a ticket in the cheapest category for each match.

Application Guidance and Advice: Accessibility Tickets


Based on the current applications we are only oversubscribed by 1 ticket for England’s third group match against the winner of the European Play-off.  We will make a formal request to FIFA for an additional ticket to meet demand, but this is not guaranteed.

Easy Access/Ambulant

As it stands, we are oversubscribed for all matches in the Easy Access/Ambulant category.  We have made a formal request to FIFA for additional tickets to meet the demand in this category, however, this is not guaranteed.  We will update members in due course, however, it looks likely that it will be necessary to conduct a ballot for this category, for each match.

By FA Staff