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Friday 08 Apr 2022
Ticket applications will run from Monday 11 April until Thursday 28 April 2022

The application portal for tickets to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will open to members of the England Supporters Travel Club at 12pm midday UK time on Monday 11 April and close at 10am on Thursday 28 April 2022 (this is an earlier closing date than initially expected).

Below is some key information you will need to consider when applying for tickets and we have also pulled together a comprehensive list of FAQs which you can read by following the below link.



We have also created a step-by-step guide on how to use FIFA’s Ticketing Portal which can be found as an attachment at the end of this update.

If you are going to apply for tickets then we strongly advise that you familiarise yourself both with our FAQs and our Application Guide before Monday.

England were drawn into Group B with USA, Iran and one of Scotland, Wales or Ukraine based on the outcome of a still to-be-played 'Euro Play-off' match.

Please be aware that we are still waiting on final confirmation on our allocation and category splits for our matches.  We expect to obtain this information early next week and will update members as soon as we can.

Match Information:

England v Iran
Monday 21 November 2022:
Kick-off 4pm*
Khalifa International Stadium, Capacity 45,000

England v USA
Friday 25 November 2022
Kick-off 10pm*
Al Bayt Stadium, Capacity 60,000

England vs European play-off Winner
Tuesday 29 November 2022
Kick-off 10pm*
Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, 40,000

* Kick-off time published in local time, Doha.

Before you begin here are some important things you need to know when applying for tickets.  For more information on the World Cup, you can view our full list of FAQs here:

  • Only members of the England Supporters Travel Club can apply for tickets and it is strictly one ticket per person, per match

  • You will only be able to apply in groups of up to 4 members

  • As with previous tournament applications it is strongly advised that members should apply with people who are on a similar caps level if they plan on applying in a group

  • Tickets are NOT first-come-first-serve, so you do not need to rush your application

  • You will be able to go back and edit your application at any time before the application window closes

  • The member in charge of booking the tickets will be asked to create an account with FIFA.  They will be asked to enter in their FAN number, date of birth and last name.  These three details must match what we have on record under your membership

  • If you are applying for tickets for other members, you will be asked to enter in their membership details.  Once again, the FAN number, date of birth and last name must all match what we have on record for that member otherwise your application will be invalid

  • Members applying for accessibility tickets will also be entitled to apply for a free carer ticket.  The carer does not need to be a member of the Travel Club, however, you will be required to email us on with their personal details, including their FAN number, before you can submit a ticket application.  If they do not have a FAN number they can create one for free by joining My England Football

  • If you already have tickets to an England match via FIFA’s general sale you will be unable to apply for tickets to the same match via Travel Club membership.  Doing so will render all tickets within an application invalid

  • We strongly encourage all members wishing to apply for tickets to complete their application no later than Monday 18 April.  This will allow us to review the application data provided by FIFA and advise members if any category changes are required before the final application deadline to ensure a greater chance of securing tickets

  • We expect to be able to communicate the results of the application period no later than Tuesday 31 May 2022

  • Should any match or category be oversubscribed we will conduct a ballot will be conducted following the 70%/20%/10% rule found under section 6.3 of our ‘Rules of membership’

  • Please note that once the results are out you will be unable to ‘pick-and-choose’ which tickets you want from those you have been successful with

  • Members can be included across different group applications if they are not applying for the same match. E.g. You can be in one application for England v Iran and included on another application, with different members, for England v USA

  • If any member manages to submit a duplicate application, or applies for the same match across multiple applications, all applications will be cancelled

  • If you have any issues with your application, you can contact us directly by emailing  During the application period we will prioritise any World Cup queries

  • For a full list of all the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 FAQs, including information on souvenir tickets, payment options, accommodation, Visas and more click here

For the step-by-step guide on how to apply for tickets please open the attachment below.

Thank you.


By FA Staff