Update following UEFA’s recent announcement on EURO 2020 tickets

Thursday 21 Jan 2021
Last week UEFA announced changes to their ticketing terms and conditions, refund policy and the privacy notification

Last week UEFA announced changes to their ticketing terms and conditions, refund policy and the privacy notification regarding the UEFA Euro 2020™ tournament.

It became immediately apparent that several points needed further clarification and we sought to obtain answers from our UEFA counterparts for the Travel Club members whom this affected.

In wake of this news, we put the launch of the new Travel Club membership on hold in order to accurately address these issues and understand their full consequences to members. We are still planning on launching the membership this month, so keep an eye on our website and your emails in the coming days.

Below are our responses to – or additional information on – some frequently-raised queries regarding UEFA’s update:

Will I get a refund if a match is moved to another stadium?

UEFA have confirmed the following:

In accordance with the refund policy, if a match needs to be moved to another venue, UEFA will firstly decide if the tickets for the rescheduled match remain valid.  When making this decision, UEFA would take into account various factors, such as whether the new venue is within a reasonable travelling distance from the original venue.

In the event that a UEFA EURO 2020™ match is moved to a venue which is more than 50km away from the original venue, ticket buyers would be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price if they cannot, or do not wish to, attend.

Will there be another Ticket Return Window in the future?

At present UEFA have not established a date for a future ticket return window.  However, we recognise your expectation of a future ticket return window and will continue to work with UEFA on this matter.

Can individual group members refund their tickets?

Yes. The ‘group lead’ or ‘lead booker’ can cancel individual tickets in their order and obtain a refund.  However, in group bookings, lead bookers cannot cancel their own ticket without cancelling the entire order (for the specific match).  This is in line with previous tournaments.

Can supporters return tickets for individual matches, even if they have selected ‘Follow my Team’?

Yes. Supporters can cancel their tickets for individual matches in their order.  For example, if you have selected ‘Follow my Team’ but now wish to cancel your Quarter Final ticket, you can.  However, please be aware that the same rule outlined in the answer above applies.

We fully understand and sympathise with supporters’ position when it comes to UEFA Euro 2020™, especially from a financial point of view.
We hope that the above has offered some additional context to make your decision.

Please note that the current ticket return window will close at 1pm (UK time) on 26 January 2021.

To access the return portal simply head to UEFA's website and select ‘Return Tickets Now’.

As always we encourage any members who wish to ask questions, seek clarity or feel that an important issue has not been addressed, to contact us.

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By FA Staff