Statement from the National Game directors following FA Chairman's update

Tuesday 28 Jul 2020
The National Game is represented on The FA Board by Bob Cotter, Jack Pearce and Sue Hough

The National Game, as the body responsible for the strategic development of all grassroots and National League System football at club, league and county FA level is committed to see greater diversity across all levels of football and amongst all its participants.

The National Game Board has promoted a number of anti discrimination  initiatives recently and will continue to address this as a strategic priority in the coming years.

The position of The FA’s National Game Board is to embed diversity and we will continue to work within the FA Board and our constituent members across the game to bring change and increase diverse representation from the communities playing football.

The FA Board is already very diverse and we celebrate the diversity that has been achieved In the last three years. This diversity needs to be promoted and generated throughout the whole game, and building on what already exists at FA Board level is only a part of future developments.

At last week’s board meeting we agreed that the National Game directors will engage with our fellow board colleagues to seek a consensus to move diversity further forward whilst retaining a stakeholder balance and improving the cohesiveness as a body that is currently functioning well.

We will continue to work positively with the Professional Game, as we currently do, and seek to achieve a successful outcome in our quest to increase diversity and end discrimination in football.

Bob Cotter – Chair, National Game Board
Jack Pearce – FA Vice Chairman
Sue Hough – Vice Chair, National Game Board

By FA Staff