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George Blackshaw of Everton Amputees explains how football has changed his life

George Blackshaw plays for Everton FC Amputees in the England Amputee FA League. Here, he explains more about how he got involved and the joy playing football brings to him.

Wednesday 19 Dec 2018
George Blackshaw represents Everton Amputees in the EAFA Northern League

The thing that is so great about amputee football is the team camaraderie.

Everyone’s in the same situation, everyone’s got the same challenges. We all have a laugh about it, nobody’s moaning or gets an upset face about having a disability.

Everyone’s got the same ability, we’re all together, it’s amazing and I just love the team spirit.

Playing in the England Amputee FA League is an amazing thing for me personally and everyone involved in it.

I first got into football mainly because of my two older brothers, as I went and watched them every week and my disability didn’t stop me playing with them.

So I just thought, let’s go and try it and ever since then it’s been the love of my life really.



I’ve played all types of formats. I started when I was seven, playing for my mainstream local club before I moved on to pan-disability football which is where people of all disabilities play together.

I then went on to amputee football, which is an incredible experience. When I first started playing, I was very nervous but as soon as I got into it, I loved it.

Playing with people with disabilities, everyone faces the same problems. For me, just tying the laces and simple stuff like that. I was scared about asking people at the time but I just got into it and I love it so much.

George in action for Everton Amputees at the Academy Stadium in Manchester

Last year, we got to the final of the Disability Cup when we played Peterborough. They won the Cup, but it was played at St. George’s Park and it was amazing to play on the same venue as where the England senior team train. For us to be recognised in that sort of situation was incredible.

So my advice for young people out there with an amputee or any prosthetic, is to just get into it and get involved. It’s the best thing you’ll do because it changed my life forever.

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By George Blackshaw Everton FC Amputees