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Tammy: My week with England

Three Lions striker says he can't stop thinking of Wembley after first senior call-up

Wednesday 08 Nov 2017

It’s going to be an amazing feeling for me at Wembley, just to get on that pitch even for a warm-up.

I just keep thinking about it, every time I go to sleep, it’s in my head. It’s a different feeling for me and it’s one that I can’t really describe.

England v Germany
  • 8pm, Friday 10 November
  • Wembley Stadium connected by EE

It was a strange moment when I found out I would be with the seniors for these games. I remember training was finished at Swansea last Thursday and I was going into the physio room for some treatment. We had Sky Sports News on the TV and that’s how I found out, as it came up as breaking news.

I was privately hopeful that I might get called up, as I always believe in myself and I felt like it came at the right time and now that I’m here, I just hope to take my opportunity.

This week, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about football and my journey in the game so far. For me, I’ve always loved football for as long as I can remember.

I first started playing inside my house, then outside of my house, summer or winter and I was always just playing football and breaking all the things in my house, much to the annoyance of my parents.

I played for a local team in south London called Bruin FC, which was my uncle’s team. He managed it and we used to get a lot of scouts because we did so well at the time. There were a few players from the team who made it into academies at clubs like Arsenal, West Ham and obviously me at Chelsea.

A few of them are still playing too, there’s ‘Fela’ who is on loan at Yeovil from Southampton and another lad at QPR so it’s nice for them to be doing well too.

I joined Chelsea when I was seven and it was good growing up in the academy ranks from there, the development for young players is good and we’re all just trying to reach the top. When you get there, it’s obviously hard to get in, but that’s what you expect at somewhere like Chelsea, you expect proper competition.

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I’m always a person who loves to prove myself though and when I knew it would be hard for me at Chelsea last season, I had to get out on loan into the Championship and Bristol City, where I had to work hard and knuckle down and then I took my opportunity when it came.

Now, I’m at Swansea and trying to do the same thing, so everywhere I go I just need to keep my head down and focus.

England v Brazil
  • The Bobby Moore Fund International
  • 8pm, Tuesday 14 November
  • Wembley Stadium connected by EE
This week’s been very good so far, training’s been decent and I feel at home with the England boys already.

It helps that the routine is very similar to the U21s, you come in and you strive to be the best and this is the level that you want to get to.

The lads are very bubbly and when you look at players like Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, you can see that they’re confident lads and it gives you that nice belief in yourself as well when you get to play with top talented players like that.

We’ve got confidence going into the games so it’s positive, a good feeling.

But there’s going to be big expectations as well and we’re looking at them both as though it’s already the World Cup. They’re huge games for us.

We don’t normally get the best results against Germany so we’re looking to change that now and do well on Friday.

Over the years, all of those times playing tournament football with England teams, it helps to give you the experience to get to the top level.

I’ve played against Germany before, and scored against them for the U21s in the summer, and whilst it’s not top level, it’s nice to have that experience behind me.

I can’t wait to get started.

By Nicholas Veevers Content Manager - FA Owned Channels