Salisbury City FC have their appeal dismissed

Tuesday 05 Aug 2014
The FA Appeal Board met on Tuesday
An FA Appeal Board today heard and dismissed an appeal from Salisbury City FC in respect to their expulsion from The Football Conference.

The parties to the appeal, who were both given the full opportunity of attending the hearing at Wembley Stadium today, were Salisbury City FC Ltd under its present owners and The Football Conference.

The Appeal Board decided not to allow the former owners of the Club to attend the hearing. 

The Appeal Board carefully considered a request from those former owners to take a full part in the appeal but came to the view that they had no legal standing to represent the Club. 

As a result of this appeal, Salisbury FC is no longer able to participate in any division of the Football Conference.

The Club will be removed from the Football Conference fixture list for the coming season starting this Saturday, 9th August.

Click here to read the Board of Appeal Written Reasons.

By FA Staff