Representation Contracts

Representation Contracts

Representation Contracts

FA Registered Intermediaries are required to use Representation Contracts containing, as a minimum, all Obligatory Terms of the relevant Standard Representation Contracts when acting in a Transaction.

These Standard Representation Contracts can be found in the resource section below:

  • FA Standard Player/Intermediary Representation Contract;
  • FA Standard Club/Intermediary Representation Contract;
  • FA Standard Subcontract.
  • FA Standard Tripartite Representation Contract.

The various FA standard documents have been produced with a view to achieving compliance with both FIFA and The FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries. The parties are welcome to add their own clauses to these FA standard documents or use their own templates, so long as they are compliant with those two sets of regulations. The FA recognises that the parties may want to contract on a more comprehensive legal basis, and in any event we advise the parties to take their own legal advice in relation to the use of any of the above standard documents.

Representation Contracts should be submitted to The FA via the Intermediary Management System (IMS).

Standard Notification of Termination Letter

All parties to a Representation Contract must inform The FA in writing of any early termination of this Representation Contract within 10 days of such an event. The FA has produced a standard notification letter (see resource section below) for the purpose of confirming to The FA that a termination has taken place, which can be used to comply with this regulatory requirement. Notifications of termination of a Representation Contract should be uploaded against the corresponding Representation Contract on the Intermediary Management System (IMS) and the parties should ensure that the corresponding Representation Contract is duly terminated in accordance with its relevant provisions.