Practical techniques for maintaining optimal performance

Resilience for Results

Resilience for Results

Practical techniques for maintaining optimal performance.

Resilience is a key psychological aspect of success. Resilient individuals and teams have the ability to maintain a consistent level of high performance in the face of change, adversity and stress.

When faced with emotional, physical or mental challenges, the pressure to succeed will eventually have a negative impact unless people have the tools to prepare for, adapt to and respond to setbacks. This adaptability enables people to thrive under pressure and offer a beacon of guidance, support and strength to others in the team.

Resilience for Results embraces cutting edge diagnostics technology, proven tactics and techniques as well as practical exercises that enable attendees to enhance their resilience and achieve their potential.

The programme utilises experiential learning in the outdoors to develop:

  • A greater understanding of why resilience is important 
  • Techniques for improved mental agility and flexibility to perform consistently at a high level
  • The ability to identify and combat their own personal stress triggers that diminish performance
  • An understanding of how their behaviour and language patterns impact upon how effectively they respond to challenges
  • A greater awareness of the impact their behaviour has on the performance of their teammates and an understanding of how to help others to develop their personal resilience
  • Personal action plans and on-going support to implement their new skills

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