UEFA's EURO 2020 ticket refund portal is now open

From today, members have the opportunity to return their EURO 2020 tickets if they're no longer able to attend

Tuesday 05 May 2020
UEFA's EURO 2020 ticket return portal is now open

Following their previous update in April, UEFA has contacted ticket buyers today with information on the ticket refund process for next summer's tournament and instructions on how to return your EURO 2020 tickets, should you wish to do so.

From today, ticket holders will have the opportunity to return their tickets either in full or partially and receive a refund of the full ticket price. Lead applicants have until Tuesday 26 May 1pm GMT (2pm CET) to return their group's tickets. Refunds will be processed by UEFA after this date and may take up to 30 days to show on the original payment card's statement. There will then be a second return phase once the full match schedule for next summer has been confirmed. 

This means that if you definitely know that you will not be able to attend some or all of the matches you have been allocated, the lead applicant in your group will be able to return your ticket(s) via UEFA’s refund portal now. If you’re returning your tickets as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but still wish to attend the tournament next summer, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee you will be able to re-purchase the same tickets you’ve been allocated at a later stage. For further information, please read our FAQs at the bottom of this article.

If you do not yet know if you can attend England’s matches next summer, we recommend waiting for UEFA to confirm the match schedule before deciding to return your tickets in the second refund phase. Once the match schedule has been confirmed and the second return phase has ended, there will be no further opportunities to return your tickets.

If you wish to keep all your allocated tickets for next summer's tournament, you do not need to do anything. Your tickets will, where possible remain valid and further information will be sent to you closer to the tournament with information on how to access them via the UEFA mobile app.

UEFA is continuing to work with all participating nations to provide the best possible solution for all involved with the tournament so we ask members to please be patient during this difficult time.


Update Tuesday 12 May: UEFA has confirmed that lead applicants who wish to cancel their own tickets, but keep their guests are unable to do so. Some members have reported that they only have the option to keep all tickets or cancel all tickets. UEFA has advised that guests are bound by the decision made by the lead applicant and at this stage they only have the email address of the lead applicant so would have no way of delivering the tickets to guests should the lead applicant cancel. 

If you're a lead applicant and are wishing to cancel your ticket but your guests wish to keep theirs, the advice we have for now is to wait until the schedule is confirmed before making a decision on cancellation as UEFA may have a further update. If you know for definite that you're unable to attend,and require a refund at the end of May, you can cancel all your group's tickets and the guests in your group will need to contact us separately so that we can collate their details to help them out with tickets at a later date.

Only lead applicants will receive a copy of UEFA's email. If you're part of a group and wish to cancel your ticket(s) only, please speak to the lead applicant to arrange this. Refunds can only be made using the lead applicant's details. 


Q. Another member ordered my tickets, but I can no longer attend – how do I obtain a refund?

The lead applicant in your group will need to return your ticket(s) for you using UEFA’s ticket refund portal and their original UEFA login details. If you’re lead applicant, returning a member of your group’s tickets, please ensure you return the correct tickets, as no changes can be made after the refund has been processed. 

Q. How do I return my EURO 2020 tickets?

Please go to UEFA’s website. If you’re the lead applicant, you’ll need to login with the same details you used in December to submit your application. Please do no rush this process and ensure you return the correct tickets as it will not be possible to make any amends after you have saved the changes and submitted the refund request. 


Q. Can I change the payment details so the money is returned to me directly rather than the lead applicant?

No. Refunds can only be made back onto the original payment card. If another person paid for your tickets, you will need to speak to them to arrange a payment transfer once they have received the refund. 

Q.Can I keep all the tickets but change the names of the ticket holders as I have friends who can go in place of the people who wish to cancel?

No. It is against membership rules to transfer England match tickets to other members or non-members. In addition, it is not possible for UEFA to change the assigned ticket holder's details. 

Q. How long does the refund process take?

Depending on your card or bank account provider, the refund can take up to 30 working days after the portal closes for the payment to appear on your statement.

Q. Will I be refunded the transaction fees?

Unfortunately not, no. Any transaction fees acquired would’ve been as a result of your bank or payment card provider. You may wish to speak to them directly to enquire about a refund of transaction fees. 

Please also bear in mind that EURO 2020 tickets are in Euros (€) so although you are refunded the full ticket price, please take into account the exchange rate when you check your bank/payment card statement. 

Q. The original payment card has expired or changed since I paid for my tickets, how do I amend these?

If your payment card has expired but the bank account is still the same, the payment will still reach you, but it may take a little longer. If you have changed bank accounts entirely and no longer have access to any of the bank or card details you provided UEFA with you will need to contact them directly using the form below and a copy of your order number. 


Q. I am requesting a refund of my EURO 2020 tickets due to the coronavirus, but I wish to still attend next summer, will I be able to buy back my tickets later in the year?

We’re waiting for further information from UEFA with regards to what happens to the returned tickets, however to manage expectations, we cannot guarantee that you will have access to the same tickets you were allocated in December. Further information will be published later in the year regarding application windows for returned tickets. We will not be operating waiting lists for members who return their tickets and want to buy them back. 

Q. What happens to the tickets England Supporters Travel Club members return?

We’re hoping to receive the returned tickets from Travel Club members only, however we are waiting for further confirmation from UEFA. 
Please be mindful that only existing 2018-2020 Travel Club members will be able to access EURO 2020 tickets for next summer’s tournament. New 2020-2022 members will not have priority access over those who were already members when the original application window opened in December 2019. 

Q. I was not allocated any tickets during the December ballot, can I apply for the tickets which other Travel Club members have now returned?

We’re waiting for further information from UEFA regarding any returned tickets; if we’re able to keep any returned tickets, we cannot advise at this moment in time how many tickets will be returned and what categories will be available. We recommend members wait for the full tournament schedule to be released and for further information to be published by UEFA later in the year. 

Q. I was in the second ballot conducted by the Travel Club in February, will I be allocated the tickets other members return?

We recommend you wait for the full tournament schedule to be released and for further ticket application updates later in the year. At this moment in time we cannot advise on the likelihood of being allocated tickets. 

Q. Can I join the 2018-2020 Travel Club membership in order to be eligible for returned tickets.

No. The 2018-2020 membership closed in December 2019. In order to be fair to those members who missed out in the ballot, we will not be reopening the membership for new joiners. 

By FA Staff