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Grassroots clubs using Matchday app to bring their game into the digital age

Thursday 07 Nov 2019

The FA Matchday app is helping clubs save time and money running grassroots football teams and offers amazing rewards just for using it.

The free app has been developed for players, managers, coaches and club secretaries to help everyone know when and where games are taking place.

Managers can pick their team through the app and file reports, while players can see league positions, fixtures and pay match or subscription fees on there.

“I'm a big fan of the Matchday app, because it's saved me over two hours of work per week,” says Lucy O'Malley, who is both manager and welfare officer for Devon-based Ashburton Youth Football Club.

“I love that I can select my team without endless emails and can also record information during games and send my match report at the end just by pressing a few buttons. The app really does do everything I need and by the time the final whistle goes, I'm done with all the admin.”

The Matchday app doesn’t just provide a more efficient way of managing your team or club, but also offers incredible rewards.

“Since joining the Matchday app, we've claimed over £4000 in free stuff,” revealed Wellesbourne Wanderers club secretary Simon Hume, who is also studying for his level two coaching badge. The Warwick-based club currently have 230 registered grassroots players.



“I trialed the app last year with my U17 team and it got excellent feedback. I am an app developer myself by day, so was keen to bring the Matchday app to Wellesbourne.

“I actually went to a roadshow about the Matchday app in Birmingham last year and got given £50 in vouchers just for turning up, then another £100 after our first game using it. I soon realised using it could save the club a huge chunk of money.

“16 out of our 17 teams, including our newly launched girls’ side, have qualified for vouchers which can be used to improve our facilities. They've helped us to give every team new cones, balls and bibs. You can even claim coaches’ jackets, for the cold winter ahead, although our priority is to claim back practical football tools that benefit everyone.

“For a relatively new club, founded in 1991, the Matchday app has been tremendous. It’s professionalised the grassroots game. It provides us with a way to coordinate players and take payment upfront. We've already received about 98 per cent of our subscription fees for the season meaning we don’t have cash flow issues.

“If you want to develop your grassroots team, and bring it into the digital age, the Matchday app is definitely for you.”

By Ben Jacobs