Read about our link-up with Football Beyond Borders for England's game with Italy

The FA joined forces with Football Beyond Borders for England's game with Italy at Wembley, with a group of youngsters from south London attending the game and working with staff in a number of areas, such as writing for the website, social media, photography and video. One of them, Jaden, provided his account of the trip for us.

Thursday 29 Mar 2018
Jaden from Football Beyond Borders works in the Wembley press box with the FA's Sara Allison

My name is Jaden and I am at the age of 13. I work with a group called Football Beyond Borders and I’m writing to talk about what football is to me and how it makes an impact on me.

I feel as if football is an inspirational sport, because there is always someone you can look up to. I attend Chestnut Grove Academy and we have a football group called FBB.


FBB is a group for young people that builds up our confidence and helps us communicate with different people. In sport, I have always been told by my former coach, that the word “TEAM” stands for 'Together Everyone Achieves More'.

I have been following football from when I was about the age of six and to be very honest, attending matches and tonight working at Wembley stadium, pushes me to be a footballer. Since I’ve started following football, I’ve always wanted to know what it will feel like to play in front of a crowd, especially to go around to different countries and play.

I hope one day, it will be me playing professional football. I have got two older cousins that play football. One of them plays for Leyton Orient. His name is Marvin Ekpiteta and both of my cousins are a great role model towards me.

Marcus Rashford is one of the players I take inspiration from

Another inspirational football player to me is Marcus Rashford. He’s quite young himself and he has already made a name for himself.

One fun moment in a football match is when the fans do the wave, because it shows that people can work together even if you’re supporting a different team from other fans in the game.

Overall, I have had a good time working with the FA. Also, I enjoyed my journey to do what I am doing today and I wish to do more things just like this. Massive thanks to FBB!

By Jaden Chestnut Grove School and Football Beyond Borders