Hodgson says young talent is increasing selection pool

Tuesday 08 Apr 2014
Roy Hodgson speaks to Italian TV

Roy Hodgson believes his England selections have been made easier by an increasing talent pool playing in the Premier League.

The England Manager has seen a host of young players break through into their club's first-teams in recent months, and impress enough to earn international recognition.

And while Hodgson has been able to call on promising teenagers including Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Luke Shaw, he also acknowledges that at development level the Three Lions are also flourishing.

Roy Hodgson speaks to the international media

Roy Hodgson talks to the international press

"Over the last year, [the Premier League] has thrown up some very interesting young players," said Hodgson during his press conference with the international media this week.  

"We have a very good Under-21s team, a very good U20s team, some young players are finding their way into the first teams of their clubs.

"It seems, over the two years that I've been doing the job, selection has become easier because there are more players to choose from, allbeit that the numbers are less than in the other leagues."

He continued: "Some of the best young players we have are at the top clubs, but because they are at the top five or six clubs in the Premier League, they are competing with the very best that the foreign market can sell to us.

Behind the scenes: International media day

"Young players often bring and energy and even to some extent a confidence that sometimes gets eroded with time.

"Going into a tournament you want your players playing at the highest level, being tested out and meeting situations they are likely to meet in an England shirt.

He added: "In that respect, everything is positive."

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By Jamie Bradbury FA Editor