Setting up a club

Club Structures

It is a matter for each club to determine the legal form that is best based on its own circumstances.

A club should seek independent legal advice in relation to the most appropriate structure or the steps to be taken if a club is considering making any changes to its structure.


  • Getting Help

    It can be a daunting task to set up a new football club, but help is at hand. Across this website, you will find simple instructions to support you through the process of getting up and running.

    Each article features downloadable pdfs, which give you further information.


  • Useful Forms

    Football club administration can be a major task, especially in multi-team clubs.

  • You will need to keep track of membership, player attendance, monitor any incidents and keep up with general club development.

  • To help ease your administration, there are a number of form templates available to download.


  • Club Workforce

    There is a lot of work involved in running a club and the key to success is sharing the workload. Clubs relying on one person to manage different roles and tasks will find it difficult to operate. More volunteers and good planning will lead to a better run club.

  • Charter Standard

    McDonalds competition

    The FA Charter Standard programme is a kitemark, which recognises and rewards high quality levels of provision in club and league football.


  • Facilities


    Maintaining and developing club facilities is important to everyone, including players, parents and club staff.