The FA's guide to asset transfer for clubs and leagues

Asset transfer at your club
This guide is aimed at community football clubs and leagues that are either considering or in the process of negotiating a change in the way it manages and secures the facilities that they use. 

Opportunities for clubs and leagues to take on long-term leases and acquire football facilities through ‘asset transfer’ will increase over the coming years. This process will present many clubs and community based organisations with great opportunities to set down permanent roots and further develop their football plans with the benefit of a secure tenure on their site.

The process of acquiring long-term access to sites is often complex and demanding. The purpose of this guide is to provide advice and practical examples to clubs and leagues that are considering this approach.

Clubs and leagues are central to the longer term development of facilities. Those clubs best placed to create revenues and re-invest are those that have sound foundations in the shape of strong volunteer structures, security of tenure with facilities capable of supporting growth, well thought through business and development plans, a growing participation base and a good reputation for the delivery of quality coaching.