Whatever your role, you benefit

Find out the benefits of the Matchday payment service

Anyone responsible for club finances—including club secretaries, treasures and/or chairpersons—will benefit from the new Matchday payments service.

Club administrators – here’s how it will make your lives easier:

  • Payment tracking: Instantly see exactly who’s paid and who hasn’t;
  • Cashflow: Money enters your account on matchdays – no more late fees to collect;
  • Financial data: Track and trace payment history by team and/or player;
  • Time-saving: No more chasing match fees or club fees;
  • Free up key people: Less legwork for team managers – and gives them the tools they need to stay on top of their team’s finances.


Team Managers/Coaches – there are two key benefits:

  • Easy player tracking: See which players owe money and how much;
  • No more collecting cash: No more excuses from players who have forgotten cash.


Adult Players & parents of youth players – it will now be much easier to make payments:

  • Cash-free: No need to carry cash to pay match fees or club fees;
  • Payment on tap: An easy, convenient way to pay on your phone in just a few taps;
  • Personal tracking: Keep track of payments per match – and only pay what’s owed.

How to get started?

To start giving & accepting payments on The FA Matchday App your club needs to create a PayPal business account for your club. Club officials download our guides below to see the easy steps to setup & visit the Whole Game System finance tab to get started.

PayPal guide for 8 clubs or fewer

PayPal guide for 9 teams or more

PayPal guide for Charter Standard clubs

Visit Whole Game System

Once your club is set up Players can set up a PayPal account through the app and Managers can begin to collect match fees from all your players at a touch of a button. As a Club Secretary you can also set up club fees (like annual season membership), which can also be paid in the app.

Still not sure? Watch out how to set up video here or see our FAQs here. Otherwise you can get in touch with us directly below:

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