Laws of the Game & FA Rules

2024/25 law changes explained

2023/24 law changes explained

Here is a simplified version of this year’s key law changes to help prepare clubs, managers, players, referees and spectators for the new season - more detailed information on these changes can be downloaded from the resources section below

Law 1 – The Field of Play

  • Clarification that the goal line technology (GLT) indication that a goal has been scored can be communicated via the referee’s earpiece/headset

Law 3 – The Players

  • The use of additional permanent concussion substitutions is now available to competitions
  • Each team must have a captain who wears an identifying armband

Law 4 – The Players’ Equipment

  • Clarification that players are responsible for the size and suitability of their shinguards
  • Clarification of the requirements for the captain’s compulsory armband
  • Reference to gloves to be included under ‘Other equipment’
  • Reference to tracksuit bottoms for goalkeepers to be removed from ‘Compulsory equipment’ and included under ‘Other equipment’

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

  • Clarification that non-deliberate handball offences for which penalties are awarded are to be sanctioned in the same way as fouls which are an attempt to play the ball or a challenge for the ball

Law 14 – The Penalty Kick

  • Clarification that part of the ball must touch or overhang the centre of the penalty mark
  • Encroachment by players will be penalised only if it has an impact (same philosophy as goalkeeper encroachment)


Guidelines for temporary dismissals (sin bins)

  • The guidelines have been revised, including, most notably, to specify that a temporarily dismissed player can return to the field of play only during a
    stoppage and to simplify System B