Become a Citywide volunteer

Become a Citywide volunteer

If you love London and want to help UEFA EURO 2020 fans make the most of the capital, this is the perfect volunteering role for you!

Volunteering in the Citywide programme means you’ll be immersed in the tournament while being based at tourist hotspots, transport hubs and fanzones. It’ll help you gain and test your knowledge of London! It’s also a great way to practice your customer service and communications skills while meeting new people.

To become a Citywide volunteer, you don’t need any specific skills – just enthusiasm and self-motivation, along with good communication skills. While knowledge of London is helpful it’s not essential, as we’ll give you all the training you need.

Requirements to be a Citywide volunteer
Everyone’s welcome to apply to be a Citywide volunteer. However, there are some basic requirements you should think about carefully before making an application. Volunteers must:

  • Have enthusiasm for London and all it has to offer tourists and visitors
  • Be 18 years old by 1st May 2020
  • Successfully pass the application and interview process
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Citywide volunteer programme –this may include undergoing background checks
  • Attend at least three training sessions from May 2020 on-wards, including volunteer kick-off event, role specific training and uniform and accreditation collection
  • Be available to volunteer at sites across London for at least five shifts during the tournament

Five things you need to know before applying

  • You should be willing to complete five shifts at tourist hotspots, transport hubs, airports and fanzones
  • Think about your travel arrangements before applying to volunteer. Only travel within Zones 1 – 6 and travel to airport shifts will be reimbursed
  • Be aware that shift times may vary, with some earlier starts or later finishes depending on your location
  • All volunteer roles will require people who are welcoming, open and friendly
  • UEFA EURO 2020 will showcase London as one of the world’s greatest cities; are you keen to share your love of the City?

Why volunteer?
The 2,000 Citywide volunteers will play a crucial role to the tournament by welcoming the world to London, creating an atmosphere unlike any other we’ve seen before.

In return for offering your time, enthusiasm and commitment, you’ll be thanked and appreciated at every stage of the journey. Successful volunteers will receive:

  • An official Adidas uniform
  • A range of rewards at various stages of the programme
  • A thank you party at the end of the tournament
  • Travel expenses for Zones 1 – 6 and to airport shifts
  • Refreshments whilst on shift