Discover the facilities on offer in our elite Strength and Conditioning Gym.

The strength and conditioning gym at St. George’s Park overlooks the stunning Wembley replica training pitch for added motivation.

All of the state-of-the-art equipment has been hand-picked by our technical experts to meet the needs of our England teams, providing the ultimate training hub for elite athletes.

The strength zone includes:

  • Olympic lifting racks with integrated video monitoring software and an incorporated Smith machine attachment
  • Performance software for measuring bar velocity
  • Free weights area with dumbbells up to 70KG
  • 5 plate loaded machines including:
  • 2 bi-lateral leg presses, leg extension, leg curl and calf raise
  • 1 selectorised lat pulldown machine


Meanwhile, our cardiovascular fitness area features:

  • 12 Watt bikes connected to large video wall for instant feedback on heart rate, force production and leg balance
  • 2 Woodway curve treadmills
  • 2 concept rowers
  • 2 ski ergs
  • Upper body ergometer
  • An anti-gravity treadmill, incorporating NASA technology, the Alter G treadmill optimises performance by customising body weight to aid rehabilitation after-injury or surgery


Finally, the strength and conditioning gym possesses functional and testing equipment to analyse individuals’ attributes, including:

  • 2 integrated force platforms connected to screens for instant feedback on jump height, force production, and left and right leg balance
  • Bespoke Infinity rig measuring 6m x 8.5m with incorporated throwing wall, monkey bars, pull up bars, anchor points for bungees and suspension trainers. In addition, the rig stores medicine balls, kettlebells, slam balls, and battle ropes
  • 3 Keiser functional trainers providing accurate measurement of power and force production. Runs off compressed air not a weight stack for accurate force measurement. Two adjustable arms to complete just about any exercise required
  • Swift timing system for speed measurement and integrated jump mat technology for instant feedback

For more information on any of our strength and conditioning facilities, please email or give us a call on +44 (0)1283 576200.