Supporting elite teams across a variety of sports disciplines

A task that requires a tactical approach

Our experiential approach to leadership and team development is perfect for taking teams out of their comfort zone – ideal for professional sports teams looking to add new variables into their training programmes or just to have fun away from training for some team bonding.

We are the official outdoor leadership partner for The Football Association, owning and operating the Outdoor Leadership Centre at  St. George’s Park.

We’ve worked with elite teams from across different disciplines including football, rugby, sailing, cricket, triathletes, and netball; including men’s, women’s, disability, international and youth teams.

We’ll work with you to build on your work on the training ground in a unique setting for learning and development. Sessions can include physical and technical challenges such as the high and low ropes courses or cerebral tasks which require a more tactical approach. Whichever challenges you choose for your team, the engaging and participative environment creates an excellent opportunity to focus on development needs and enhance teamwork, whilst having fun.

Programmes we have delivered for professional sports teams include:

  • Personality profiling tools to enhance team dynamics
  • Leadership skills
  • Resilience and optimum performance
  • Fun team building

For more information or to discuss your individual requirements please call 01283 575905 or email:

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