Update on crowd-related incidents at The Den and JobServe Community Stadium

Friday 18 Dec 2020
Update on crowd-related incidents that took place on Saturday 5 December 2020

We have conducted full and thorough investigations into the crowd-related incidents that took place at both The Den and JobServe Community Stadium on Saturday 5 December 2020.

Having carefully considered these matters, including the observations from all relevant parties, we can confirm that no formal disciplinary action will be taken against the clubs concerned on this occasion.

However, we would like to further clarify that anyone who chooses to take the knee will continue to receive our support as they highlight the inequality and injustice experienced by the Black community.

To be clear, we do not see taking the knee as a political symbol, and would contend that there can now be no doubt as to what the gesture means in a footballing context. Therefore, going forward, we will continue to monitor and investigate should similar crowd-related incidents occur.

We continue to support all players and clubs that wish to take a stand against any form of discrimination, and will always condemn the behaviours of anyone that chooses to actively oppose these values.

By FA Staff