England's Harry Winks lifts the lid on Zoom sessions and how he's coping in lockdown

Tuesday 28 Apr 2020
Harry Winks has been keeping himself busy during the COVID-19 lockdown
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England’s Harry Winks admits that the Tottenham Hotspur ‘Zoom’ sessions have been keeping him in tip-top condition over the lockdown.

The midfielder was the first guest on our new ‘Micah Meets’ series, in association with Players Together, as he joined former Three Lions player Micah Richards for a chat.

And he revealed how the Spurs players have been working together from home over the last few weeks

“We’ve been doing the Zoom sessions,” he said.

“We’ve been on them every morning at 11am with the team, 25 lads on the camera, the sports scientist at the front of the gym.

“He’s doing all the exercises so 60-90 mins of work every day. It starts with strength work, stretching, mobility, then we go into running or a bike session with something difficult at the end to get our blood going, our heart going.”

Aside from that, Winks spoke of the difficulty he’s had in adjusting to the new way of life in recent weeks while under home lockdown.

But with the support of friends and family, as well as a daily walk, he believes everyone can come out on the other side with a renewed awareness of their own wellbeing.

“I’m lucky I've got such a strong group of people around me - my friends and my family, who I talk to every day and it’s important that I stay in touch with them,” he added.

“When you’re trapped in your house it can be quite difficult. I follow Government guidelines, go for a daily walk every day as well, just to get out of the house, get some fresh air and a bit of exercise.

“But I’m lucky that I've got that close-knit family and friends around me.

“It’s important, especially as men, not just footballers, as we always trained never to really talk about things and get it off our chests, but I think now everybody is more open about it.

“People have come out and said more about their problems, it’s important that everyone talks about it and it leads to a healthier lifestyle and mindset.”

You can watch the first edition of Micah Meets in the media player above, when he also catches up with Tyrone Mings.

By Nicholas Veevers