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With new grants for Futsal available, hear from Wolves star who grew up with the game

As we invest more into the development of Futsal in England, with the FA Futsal Fund offering grants to County FAs, clubs and leagues, we hear from a player who first discovered Futsal as a youngster and has now made his Premier League debut, Wolves player Max Kilman...

Monday 10 Jun 2019
Max Kilman made his Premier League debut for Wolves on 4 May 2019

For Wolves’ young defender Max Kilman, Futsal will always be a format of the game which remains close to his heart.

The 22-year-old made his Premier League debut for the Molineux club in May, after breaking into their first-team squad earlier in the year.

And as more investment is made into Futsal in England, with FA Futsal Fund grants of up to £1500 available for clubs, leagues and County FAs to develop the game, Kilman has spoken about how important it was for him as a younger player.

“Futsal definitely helped my football, especially when I was about 15 or 16,” he revealed.

“It’s the speed of the game that I love and you always have to attack the goal and defend the goal. It’s so intense and everything is happening really quickly and it’s so sharp.

“Before Futsal, I used to be a bit nervous getting the ball from a throw-in but Futsal helped me feel more aware, make a quicker decision and see the bigger picture.

“A lot of people say Futsal improves you technically, but I found that it helped more on the tactical side as well. It makes you smarter, more aware and quicker in what you do and you’re thinking more during the game.”

Max in action for the England Futsal team, before he joined Wolves as a full-time professional

The Londoner began his career with a grassroots Futsal club too, exactly the same sort of teams who could benefit from the grants and make Futsal more widely available for players at all levels to get started.

“I first discovered Futsal when I was around 14 or 15-years-old and I was just in my local park at the time when I saw two people playing,” explained Max.

“They invited me down to a session with London Genesis and I just really enjoyed myself and kept going back every week as I gradually grew into it with playing more and more Futsal.

“From Genesis, I joined London Helvecia and I first joined up with the England Futsal squad when I was about 18.

“When you look at countries like Spain, Portugal and Brazil, their kids start to play Futsal around the age of six or lower.

“But nowadays, more and more football clubs are introducing Futsal for their younger players, which is great.”

Applications for the new FA Futsal Fund are open now, until 2 August 2019, so find out more and get involved. 

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By Nicholas Veevers Content Manager - FA Owned Channels