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Find out who is the secret dancer in the England Women's U19 squad in latest Q&A

As England tackle the UEFA Women’s U19 Euro in Scotland, Young Lionesses pair Ella Rutherford and Grace Neville have been getting to know their team-mates. In the next episode, we find out about Lauren Hemp, Esme Morgan, Georgia Eaton-Collins and Shannon Cook...

Saturday 20 Jul 2019
Young Lionesses pair Ella Rutherford and Grace Neville have been quizzing their U19 team-mates

Hello guys and welcome to our show, On The Ball, when we'll ask you a few questions. All we ask is that you're honest and impartial!

First question to Lauren, can you talk us through your first England call-up and how it made you feel?

LH: It was probably an U15 camp to play Holland and I was really excited and nervous because I'm not a fan of social situations with people I don't really know! So I was a bit scared but also excited because of the challenge. It was an amazing feeling to pull on the shirt, you can't really get anything like it.

Room-mates Lauren Hemp and Esme Morgan at the WU19s Euros in Scotland

Esme, what is your favourite moment in an England shirt?

EM: My favourite moment is from the U17s when we beat Germany. We'd lost to them in the January by like 7-2 or something and we came to play them in the Elite Round and I felt sick with nerves before the game but I think we all woke up knowing we were going to win and when we did, it was an unbelievable feeling. When we scored the first goal, me and Aimee Palmer burst into tears on the pitch. It was an unbelievable day.

GEC, who is the most influential person in your life? It could be a player, coach or anyone...

GEC: I would say my parents, but maybe my dad. He's always been there for me, taking me to training all the time because I don't really live near anywhere so I had to travel to all my clubs. I'd always do extra stuff with him.

Shannon, what was your first debut and who was it against?

SC: My first debut is my debut! It was against Germany and I played the full 90 minutes. We lost so let's not mention that, but I remember it was like a tropical monsoon. I had 12 family members there as they all came up on a mini-bus which they had rented out. I remember on the way home, everyone was soaked on this minibus and it stunk of rain.

Grace Neville with Georgia Eaton-Collins

Now, we're going to ask you some questions about each other...Lauren What is the most annoying habit of Esme's?

EM: She giggles a lot! But I haven't really got one.

LH: She's on her phone all the time and sometimes I'll try and speak to her and she'll grunt back at me because she's on her phone.

LH: But I do spend most of my life with Es!

EM: Yeah, true, but it's just the grunts!

So what is the most annoying thing Shannon does?

GEC: Erm, sleep talking.

SC: She sometimes randomly breaks out into a twerk.

Ella Rutherford was asking the questions to Esme Morgan in the latest 'On the Ball'

Now for the quick fire round...

Best dancer?

 EM: Jess
LH: Jess
GEC: Jess
SC: Me!

The next question is, the messiest. Now, before we start there's a rumour, GEC, that you're the messiest room-mate...

EM: Me
LH: Yeah, I'd agree.
GEC: Me, I'm not going to lie
SC: I don't know, you!

You can watch all of the games in the U19 EURO live on via BBC Sport

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