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There was a double-boost for Sian Massey-Ellis this week as she gets World Cup call

Thursday 10 May 2018
Sian Massey-Ellis was assistant referee for the Arsenal v Burnley game in the Premier League last weekend

There was a double boost for Sian Massey-Ellis this week, as she received her second international call in the space of three days.

The English official, who was named as an assistant referee for the Women’s Champions League Final on Tuesday, was then placed on the list of officials for the FIFA Women’s U20 World Cup on Thursday morning.

Taking place in France between 5 and 24 August, Massey-Ellis is now looking forward to a busy summer following the Champions League game between Wolfsburg and Lyon on Thursday 24 May.

And having worked at previous U20 World Cups in recent years, she’s looking to add more experience and enjoy the competition when the team of officials meet up.

“The World Cup call came a few hours after the Champions League one, so it’s been a fantastic weekend and I’m really excited about the summer,” Sian told

“I’ve previously done the U17 World Cup in Costa Rica and the U20 World Cups in Japan and Canada, so this will be my third U20 World Cup.

Sian Massey-Ellis will head to France in August for the FIFA U20 Women's World Cup

“I’m just aiming to do a little bit better than last time and it’s a little bit closer to home this time too.

“WhatsApps have already gone around between a group of us looking forward to the summer.

“When you’re out there, you form a little family away from home really. It’s a long time to be away and you have to come together as a team and group of officials.

“And because we all work together so much in tournaments, we’ve all become friends as well so we can talk, go and have a coffee together and you rely on each other.

“Refereeing is such a team game too, you can’t do it without each other so that bonding is important.”

Everyone at The FA would like to congratulate Sian on her appointments.

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By Nicholas Veevers Content Manager - FA Owned Channels