FA Cup goes underwater at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre

Thursday 22 Jan 2015
Caden Colburn (left) and Connor Bolding pose in front of The FA Cup

With FA Cup fever set to grip Birmingham this weekend, two young football fans from the city have experienced a truly unique FA Cup Adventure.

Blues supporter Caden Colburn, 9, and Aston Villa fan Connor Bolding, also 9, won a competition run by The FA which gave them a surprise trip to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

The boys, who arrived with no idea what was in store, headed to the 360° Ocean Tunnel in the underwater-themed attraction, home to a school of Blacktip sharks, to find the iconic trophy sat at the bottom of the tank.

“Watching Caden go on this FA Cup Adventure was a dream come true”

Caden's dad Matt 

After the trophy was taken out of the tank, the boys then got their hands on The Cup and got to lift it in front of their friends and family.

Lee Bolding, Connor’s dad, said: “We have always believed in the magic of The FA Cup, and adventures like this should mean that Connor will too.

“He is absolutely delighted to have been part of The FA Cup adventure, and we hope that Aston Villa’s adventure continues beyond this weekend.”

Matt Colburn, Caden’s dad, said: “We kept The FA Cup Adventure a big secret from Caden. He kept asking questions, but we resisted giving the secret away.

“Watching Caden go on this FA Cup Adventure was a dream come true, he didn’t stop smiling and asking questions, I’m sure he’ll be talking about his FA Cup Adventure for a long time.”

Amy Langham, General Manager at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham added: “We’ve got a lot of big football fans working here, myself included, and we’ve all been tracking the Adventure of The FA Cup this season, so it was fantastic that its adventures brought it on an underwater exploration of our 360° Ocean Tunnel.”

The nationwide initiative launched by The Football Association gives children across the country the chance to be part of The FA Cup Adventure throughout this season’s competition with various prizes on offer.

Each round, young football fans will have the opportunity to take The FA Cup on a series of their own adventures. Entries for this competition can be made via The FA Cup Facebook page.

Caden’s Birmingham heroes face a Fourth Round clash against Premier League West Brom on Saturday, while Connor’s Aston Villa favourites entertain Championship leaders Bournemouth on Sunday.

By FA Staff