A catalyst for change: Futsal Coaching Course

Tuesday 23 Sep 2014
The FA's first ever Futsal Coaching Conference will be held on 22 and 23 November
One of the challenges for an emerging sport like Futsal is to ensure that the knowledge and education of coaches and players keeps pace with the growing interest and participation in the game.  

Futsal has grown and developed at a rapid rate in England over recent years, but for the game to improve in quality and catch-up with the leading nations in the world game, 

The FA and the English Futsal community need to recognise the importance of developing and educating the coaches that are shaping the development of current and future players.

And The FA recently announced that the first National Futsal Coaching Conference to be held in England would take place at St Georges Park in November to coincide with a number of changes being made to the Futsal coach education courses, recognising the value and importance of helping coaches across England to better understand the game.

England Futsal Head Coach Peter Sturgess.

Pete Sturgess will be speaking at the Conference in November

Titled ‘A Catalyst for Change,’ the conference is aimed at providing coaching knowledge from leading Futsal experts and delivering it at a level that can support the development of coaches at all levels of the game.  

Throughout the weekend, there will be a large variety of practical and theoretical sessions that are appropriate to coaches from all backgrounds. 

So top-level coaches who operate in The FA National Futsal League through to grassroots coaches who are delivering Futsal in youth clubs or educational settings will all find valuable content and learning that they can apply in their coaching sessions.  

At a time when Futsal is growing in recognition in England, as both a game in its own right but also as an effective development tool that can support the technical development of young football players, the conference comes at an important time to help raise the bar in coaching standards within English Futsal.  

The schedule for the conference shows a wide variety of high quality speakers, including current England head coach Pete Sturgess.

But there are two particular stand-out guests delivering at this conference who should not be missed, Javier Lozano and Benny Meurs.

Lozano has an unparalleled aura in the world of Futsal. He coached Spain during a period of unprecedented dominance which saw two FIFA Futsal World Cup victories and three UEFA Futsal European Championship wins.  

Watch highlights of the England Futsal team in action against the USA earlier this summer


Recognised for his coaching prowess and achievements, FIFA appointed him to lead their Futsal Coaching Instructors group, shaping coaching knowledge in national bodies worldwide. Lozano also played for the Spanish national team and is currently the president of the Spanish National Futsal League.

Meurs works with Lozano as one of the elite group of FIFA Futsal coaching instructors and played for Belgium in the first-ever FIFA Futsal World Cup, where he won the Golden Boot for that tournament. 

At the end of his playing career he became Belgium’s head coach, leading the national team at the highest level in World Cups and European Championships. After he left this position, Meurs has coached at a number of leading club sides around Europe.

Click here to see a full list of speakers who will be appearing at the Conference.

If you are interested in developing your Futsal coaching knowledge, this conference is an essential part of your personal development, with prices starting at £65.  To find out more, click here.

By FA Staff