England U21s' Danny Ings answers Twitter questions

Wednesday 05 Mar 2014
Ings was on hand to answer your questions on Twitter

England Under-21s striker Danny Ings took to Twitter on Tuesday night to answer some of your questions ahead of Wednesday's game with Wales.

The Burnley ace, who you can follow on Twitter @IngsDanny, has been in fine goalscoring form in the Championship this season, earning himself a call-up to Gareth Southgate's squad last year.

And he's now hoping to lead the line against Wales at Derby County's iPro Stadium, the scene of what he described as his favourite goal so far when Burnley won there earlier this season.

England Under-21s pair Danny Ings and Raheem Sterling celebrate a goal against San Marino.

Ings celebrates a goal against San Marino with Raheem Sterling


Ings sat down to take a number of questions on several different topics, both football and personally related, at the squad's St. George's Park base and you can see the highlights of the Q&A in the video player above.

Below is a list of the questions, and answers, that were sent in for Danny to consider...

#AskIngs Do you like Oasis?!
@jamiea94 yes I do like oasis and it's always a good band to choose for karaoke :)

#AskIngs what has been the secret to ur great scoring form this season?
@lubugb from having a strong pre-season and taking the hard work into the season.

Who is the best player you have played against? #AskIngs
@Joe_Maccy @Duff4M because he's so old but still wipes me out in training lol

 #AskIngs Will you make sure you beat Rovers this weekend, please? It's kind of a big deal #twitterclarets @NoNayNeverNet
@JamieSmiff @NoNayNeverNet I know it's a big deal and we will do our best :)

Who was your favourite player when you were a child? #AskIngs
@JackHorton3 ronaldinho, his skills were incredible

#AskIngs who's your favourite Entourage character? Gotta be Ari.
@Taylor_Liam93 there all good in there own way so I don't have a favourite lol

 #AskIngs who would be your dream strike partner past and present?
@carlmills29 ronaldinho would be from the past, and Lionel messi would be my present choice

#AskIngs what is your dream you want to succeed?
@joshbrown_97 achieve my dream of playing for the senior team and reaching the highest level I can on a club level.

#AskIngs big question this, answer defines wether you're cut out for the North. Do you like gravy?
@Taylor_Liam93 who doesn't like gravy haha

#AskIngs Fancy showing us some of your dance moves?! (Q: courtesy of James Ward-Prowse)
@webbjames1 go on YouTube and search me dancing and you might see a little something lol

#AskIngs Who has been the biggest influence in you football career?
@Adam_NUFC98 would have to be my dad, keeps me grounded, keeps me motivated to do well.

#AskIngs when making a cup of tea, do you put the milk in first or last?
@MattyMiller14 I put the milk in last and then 2 sugars, the best way of making it lol

#AskIngs favourite goal of all time?
@GFullbrook derby away this season it was a long run from the half way line beat a few men and slotted it in the far corner

Thanks for your questions, sorry I couldn't answer all of them, make sure you follow @ingsdanny cheers :)

By Nicholas Veevers Content Manager - FA Owned Channels St. George's Park