What happens next?

Tell us, we’ll tackle it

Our step-by-step process when discrimination is reported

We investigate every report on discrimination we receive and treat each one seriously, so you can be sure that you’re being listened to with confidence.

What happens next?

1. Tell Us at TheFA.com/TellUs

2. Central FA team share case with local CFA and oversee process;

3. CFA investigation takes place evidence reviewed and charge determined;

4. If charged, the case is reviewed by disciplinary commission;

5. Disciplinary commission reviews the case and it is either proved or not proved; 6. Any outcome would be subject to appeal;

7. We’ll tackle it.

We act.

Once you’ve filled in the online report form on The FA.com website and submitted it, the central FA team will share the case with the local CFA and oversee the process.

A CFA investigation then takes place. The evidence will be reviewed and a charge, if one is made, will be determined.

We’ll tackle it.

If a charge is made by the CFA, a disciplinary commission appointed by The FA will review the case.

The alleged offender will be asked for a response to the allegation, and all identified witnesses will be asked to make a statement too.

Once the disciplinary commission have completed the hearing, the offence is either proven or not proven. Any outcome would be subject to appeal.

Discrimination has no place in football

If you've seen or heard discrimination in football, please follow the link below to complete our easy online form:

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