The FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence

Elizabeth Simms

The FA Centre of Refereeing Excellence (FA CORE) is an emerging structure that aims to provide referees with quality training, education and development opportunities delivered both centrally and across a number of regional locations.
FA CORE is for those referees who have both the opportunity and potential to progress in refereeing regardless of what part of the country they are from, their gender or their age. Referees involved in FA CORE at all levels must always possess the appropriate levels of:
- Focus and commitment
- Enthusiasm to progress
- Off-field attitude
- Professionalism
- Fitness
Referees will benefit from a season-long programme where The FA will provide them with a trained, motivated and accredited coach  who will be the point of contact throughout their time on FA CORE at that specific tier of the structure. There will be five tiers of the FA CORE programme which will provide training, education, development and coaching for referees from level 7 to level 2b.
FA CORE will be delivered primarily through eight regions. Overseeing each regional centre and their associated referees and coaching workforce will be a centre leader. This person will be the link person to The FA’S head of refereeing; Neal Barry and national referee development manager, Daniel Meeson. While The FA will have overall responsibility for the coaches, trainers and referees within each of these regions, much of the work carried out should be supported, overseen and checked by the centre leader on a regular formal basis.