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In possession: receiving skills

    Working on receiving with your players? Here are five sessions that could help you develop and refine their skills when you’re back on the pitch.

    Passing and receiving

    This session from Sam Griffiths focuses on passing and receiving techniques as well as creativity when passing. Take a look at the first part below. If you want to see the full session, check it out here.


    Passing, receiving and finishing

    This session from Middlesbrough’s Graeme Lee, looks at passing accuracy and efficiency, receiving skills and awareness, movement off the ball based on cues and triggers and maintaining technical standards under fatigue.


    Receive to play forward

    This session from John Allpress helps players to develop their understanding of receiving to play forward, scanning and awareness, movement off the ball to receive and the weight, timing and accuracy of the pass. You can view the final part of the session here.


    Creativity in the final third

    In this session Marieanne Spacey-Cale and Julie Chipchase look to improve combination play in the final third. As well as looking at how to retain possession to build an attack, this session also looks to develop the players’ understanding of effective receiving skills. Click here to watch the final part of the session.


    Building and creating the attack

    Kay Cossington delivers a session looking at positive possession play. One of the objectives of this session is to help players develop their understanding of receiving to play forward, which involves working on scanning and their first-touch. To watch the rest of the session, click here.


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