The FA introduces transformative new reforms to the FA Council

Friday 06 Oct 2023

The Football Association Board, Council and Shareholders have collectively agreed to introduce one of the most extensive sets of governance reforms to the FA Council in our 160-year history.

The new reforms to the FA Council will be implemented with immediate effect and will help to ensure that the membership of the FA Council is fully reflective of the modern and diverse game – so that it can better serve the interests of English football at all levels.

This new set of reforms followed a comprehensive and collaborative review that included a consultation process with key stakeholders across the game. The review was led by a Working Group of Council Members, and the proposals were tested and refined with a broader group of Council Members over the last year.

The new reforms will modernise the FA Council in line with the recommendations in the Fan Led Review of Football Governance, which was published in November 2021. These latest reforms follow on from the changes already made to the FA Board which has seen the FA implement the Review's recommendation to ensure that at least 50 per cent of the FA Board is made up of independent directors.

FA Chair, Debbie Hewitt MBE, said: "This is a transformative moment for the governance of the FA and one that will benefit every level of English football. These reforms also follow the important steps we took in July to restructure our FA Board to ensure that it has a majority of independent members.

"The FA Council has an important and active role in the governance of our game, and I would like to thank all of the Council members for their engagement, support and input throughout this collaborative process.

"These are significant changes that we believe will be a catalyst for positive change and will future-proof our game for years to come. Importantly, it will help to further improve the overall governance of the FA, ensuring that across our Board and Council we have committed, engaged and diverse representation, who all have a meaningful part to play in the future of English football."

By Communications department