FA publishes medical FAQs for all football participants

Tuesday 21 Mar 2023

Medical-related questions often arise from participants at all levels of the game in England, particularly at grassroots level.

To provide more information, The FA has published a document entitled ‘Frequently-Asked Medical Questions’ aimed at everyone involved in our national game. You can download a copy here.

For example, a player with a diagnosed medical condition may want to know if it’s safe for them to play football. Alternatively, a coach may want to know how to support a player with a diagnosed medical condition. More widely, people involved in the game may ask what medical-based training courses The FA offers?

All these – and many more – questions are answered in the guide, which also signposts the reader to further information about many other topics – for example to The FA’s concussion guidelines and regulations around the use of medical equipment in football.

“First-aid incidents are unfortunately an inevitable consequence of participation in any contact sport,” says Dr. Daniel Broman, The FA’s medical governance lead.

“What’s vital is that every person involved in the game is aware of how they can help to protect the health and safety of others and that clubs have plans in place to deal with first-aid emergencies when they arise. That’s the central message of our guide, which we’ll expand as other questions come our way.”

The publication is one of numerous FA guidance notes around safety and safeguarding in football, the complete directory of which can be found here.

By FA Staff