Tramadol will be prohibited in-competition from 1 January 2024

Monday 11 Dec 2023
Tramadol will be prohibited in-competition from 1 January 2024

Any Player tested in-competition (on a match day) from 1 January 2024 by UK Anti-Doping or another anti-doping testing agency may face the prospect of a ban from sport if tramadol is found in their sample.

Tramadol has been on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Monitoring Program for several years and data gathered through this programme has indicated significant use of the substance in certain sports, including football. 

Tramadol misuse is of concern because of the risks of physical dependence, opiate addiction and overdose, and it has become a controlled drug in many countries. Research studies funded by WADA have also confirmed the potential for tramadol to enhance sports performance.

Tramadol will be prohibited in-competition when the 2024 WADA Prohibited List comes into effect on 1 January 2024. Players who may be using tramadol are reminded to speak to their doctor about seeking alternative pain medication that is permitted in sport. 

For more information, you can visit the UK Anti-Doping website here.  


By FA Staff