Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ready for his first taste of the Emirates FA Cup Final

Ahead of Saturday’s Emirates FA Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea, read Jurgen Klopp’s thoughts on the game at Wembley as the Reds return for their first Final appearance since 2012…

Monday 09 May 2022

Domestic cup competitions are important in all countries. 

I was blessed to have great experiences back in Germany with our own version.
But I am fully aware of the tradition, sentiment and regard English football holds for the Emirates FA Cup. And to be honest, it does have a special place in the hearts of supporters even beyond these shores.

Up until this season, Liverpool’s record in the tournament since my arrival has not been a reason for big parties I would admit. There have been mitigating circumstances for that, given the focus we have required to re-establish our club during that period.

But to avoid any doubt, I absolutely love this competition. I recognise its importance in our club’s own history and how much it means to our supporters.
And at the beginning of the season, I’m desperate for us to give all we have to try and be in the Final come May, with a chance of winning it.

This season, we have achieved the first part of that aim. We are here today. In the Final! Really cool. Finals are great. 

It will be great to see Thomas Tuchel again, having met three times already during this campaign. 

All these matches finished in draws by the way, which shows you how competitive it is between our clubs.

My respect for Thomas was already as high as you could imagine. Then add in what he has had to contend with off the pitch in recent weeks and months and this respect makes even more sense. 

What a magnificent leader he is for his club. No surprise for those of us who competed against him in Germany. But I think his status as one of the very best coaches and managers in the world is rightly recognised throughout the game.

What’s cool for us is that I’m certain they will feel the same about us. I can’t imagine any team looking forward to facing this Liverpool side at the moment. That’s what we strive for. To be the team no one wants to come up against.

Liverpool supporters make occasions like this their own. I love it so much. Because the one thing none of us can guarantee on a day like today is the result. We all know in a game like this each outcome is possible.

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By FA Staff