The FA remembers the Bradford City fire disaster at Valley Parade in 1985

Wednesday 11 May 2022
It's now 32 years since the Bradford City fire disaster occurred at Valley Parade

It started with a spark in the corner of the Main Stand at Valley Parade, home of Bradford City, catching alight the rubbish under the wooden seats of a wooden stand. 

 Within four minutes, the stand had been reduced to a burnt-out shell. Fifty-six people arrived for a game of football on 11 May 1985 – and did not go home.

Two of the fatal casualties were supporters of Lincoln City, Bradford’s opponents on its last game of the season, and 11 were children. Hundreds more spectators were injured, and thousands witnessed an event that many described as "the worst day of their lives"

37 years on from this terrible day in the history of English football, we remember those affected by this tragedy.

By FA Staff