Some important information members should be aware of for the year ahead

Tuesday 11 Jan 2022
We wanted to start the year by outlining how you can contact us with any queries about your membership

Last year was quite an adventure following England and 2022 promises to be just as exciting.

We wanted to start the year by outlining how you can contact us with any queries about your membership throughout the year as we navigate the March fixtures, the Nations League and, of course, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

By Email

We encourage all members who have a question, or are experiencing an issue, to contact us by email via the portal.  We will aim to reply to you within 5 working days and will prioritise any ‘urgent’ queries in relation to a specific event where necessary.

By Phone

Our phone line will only be open during peak times.  This will include England Away Sales, tournament applications and tournament sale periods.  We will communicate to members when the phone line will be open around specific events.

Even though our line will be closed we may still contact you by phone in some circumstances to resolve an issue you might have.

Other Updates

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

At the time of writing we have not received any information on our allocation for this tournament.  As soon as these details are confirmed to us we will update members accordingly.  Please be aware that, as per previous tournaments, if you are successful for tickets in FIFA's General Sale application then you will be unable to purchase tickets in the official England section via your Travel Club membership for the same match.  We expect our application window to open in April but this is not yet confirmed.

Membership Cards

We are aware that we had some logistical issues regarding the dispatch of membership cards last year which led to some members experiencing a significant delay in receiving their cards.  At present there are just over 18,000 members of the England Supporters Travel Club and we have processed and sent out a total of approximately 16,500 cards (with some new joiners still pending).

We would ask that if you joined before 5 December 2021, and are still yet to receive your card, you fill out this form.  We will check with the production company to understand when your pack was processed and, if needed, get a new card sent out to you as a priority.

For any members who are still waiting, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

By FA Staff