All you need to know if you are travelling to San Marino this weekend

Tuesday 09 Nov 2021
San Marino v England takes place on Monday 15 November 2021

Please note that the number to text us abroad has had to change and is now +447790371105

We hope you are looking forward to the final away trip of 2021!

San Marino v England will be only the second away match within the last 2 years that England Supporters Travel Club members can attend.  This will also be the first away trip in the last 24 months for over 900 of you, so we hope you are excited to get back on the road following the Three Lions.

The match is taking place at the Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle, which first opened in 1969 and has a capacity of 6,664.  The stadium is operating at a reduced capacity due to covid and our allocation of 1,487 will equate to over 30% of the saleable capacity.

San Marino is a very proud country and it should be viewed in this respect. Be respectful when having photos taken with the locals/authorities/guards, a smile will do, hand gestures/funny faces are not received well.

It would be considered very offensive to refer to San Marino residents as "Italians"- not that they don't like Italians, but they are extremely proud of their independence.

Below is all the information you will need when out in Italy and San Marino, please read it carefully before travelling.

As always, when travelling abroad, we ask that members treat the cities and locals with respect.  Any unacceptable behaviour whilst following England may result in:

  • Removal from the stadium

  • Police involvement and possible criminal proceeding

  • Football Banning Order applications in England

  • Suspension from the ESTC membership

  • Withdrawal of future match tickets 


How to Report an Incident to us whilst you are abroad

The FA continues to work hard to ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all supporters.

If you witness any xenophobic, racist, homophobic or anti-social behaviour before, during or after the match, you can report it in confidence by emailing or by calling or texting us on +447790371105.

Please be aware that The FA will always investigate reports of inappropriate behaviour at an England game.

For more information regarding fan behaviour, please refer to the ‘Rules of Membership’ here:

Travel Advice

We would encourage all those travelling to San Marion to regularly review the information posted on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s website. Click here for information on this away match relating to:

  • Passports and Visas
  • Travel advice for San Marino, Italy and any other country you might be travelling through during your trip


Ticket Collection Point

Tickets for this match, as with all away matches, will be for collection only.

You will need Photo ID to collect your ticket – you can use any form of photo ID.  So, if your membership card has not yet arrived or you have lost it, don’t panic!

Please be aware that we will not be in a position to provide duplicate tickets for members who lose their tickets and or have it stolen.

If you are part of a group, each member must collect their ticket in person. Please be aware that all members of the group do not have to collect at the same time, but, it will not be possible for a member (or non-member) to collect a ticket on another members behalf.

To help save time when collecting tickets, we advise members to know the name of the person in their group who booked their tickets.


As was the case in 2015 the ticket collection point will once again be located in the resort of Rimini, Italy, on 14 and 15 November before moving to the stadium in the build up to kick-off. 

Rimini is a 55 minute train journey from Bologna and just a 30 minute journey to San Marino and remains the most suitable location for supporters to collect their tickets.

Collection Dates and Times:

Mercure Rimini Artis:                                                                Sunday 14 November: 4.30pm until 9pm
Monday 15 November: 10am until 5pm

Entrance to the TCP office is at the side of the hotel that can be approached from either the main road Viale Amerigo Vespucci or the beach promenade road Lungomare Augusto Murri.

The office can be accessed through the sliding green gate shown in the picture below. This gate will be open during the relevant periods.

San Marino (Onsite Stadium Location):                                Monday 15 November: 6pm until Kick off


Please note we will be unable to open the Ticket Collection Points beyond these times.

FA Staff and Wembley Stewards will be visible upon arrival to help direct supporters.

If you are running late please text us with your name, FAN number and the name of the lead booker on match day at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that the number to text has changed and is now +447790371105


Stadium Entry

In order to enter the Stadium you will need to provide the following

  1. A form of photo ID (i.e. Membership card, drivers licence, Passport etc).  If you do not have your membership card, and do not wish to carry your ID with you to the stadium, you can use a printed copy as long as it is in full colour and legible.  However, please be advised that police reserve the right to inspect ID and it may take longer to verify printed copies in these instances.

  2. Proof of double Covid vaccination (the NHS App will be accepted)

  3. A face mask: The wearing of masks is mandatory once inside the stadium 

  4. A valid match ticket


Shuttle Buses

The transport agency F.lli Benedettini will organize a shuttle service dedicates to English supporters to reach San Marino from Rimini and Bologna.

They will depart from the following locations at the following times:

Tickets will cost 20 euros and be valid for all shuttles.  To guarantee your place on the bus you can reserve your seat via

You can also find a link to the local bus schedules here:
Rimini to San Marino
Airport Transfer


Stadium Rules and Regulations 

  • Gates will open at 18:45 (2 hours before kick-off)
  • Supporters must wear a face covering to enter the stadium and then continue to wear one at all times until they leave the venue
  • At the ground there will be a visual ticket check as well as an ID check and then a full body search by stewards accompanied by uniformed police just in front of the turnstiles
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the stadium
  • There will be no sale of alcohol inside the ground and no alcohol permitted within 500 metres of the stadium
  • Pyrotechnic devices including flares and fireworks are not permitted
  • Fans without valid tickets will not be allowed to enter the stadium
  • Supporters caught tailgating will be ejected from the stadium and will not be permitted re-entry
  • Staff have the right to refuse entry to anyone who is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and has the right to remove them at any time
  • Bottles, glasses, cans, sticks and any other blunt or pointed weapons are not permitted into the stadium
  • There is no restriction on flag sizes but no ‘crowdsurfers’ will be permitted
  • Flags or banners will be checked by FA Staff and Wembley Stewards. Any that are displaying discriminative or provocative text or images will not be permitted into the stadium
  • Small bags (no bigger than an A4 piece of paper) are allowed in the stadium but will be subject to security checksSmall bags (no bigger than an A4 piece of paper) are allowed in the stadium but will be subject to security checks

Please be aware that we do not expect supporters to be held back in the stadium at the end of the game, however, please listen to stadium announcements in case this changes.

Key Contacts

If you need urgent help, contact the British Consulate please click here for more details.

The emergency services numbers are:

  • 112 – Police
  • 118 - Ambulance
  • 113 – General Emergency

Please note you do not need to enter in an area code when dialling these numbers.

The Football Supporters Association - Fans' Embassy

As always, the Football Supporters Association will be present whilst England fans are abroad.  The Fans’ Embassy is a designated location, independent from The FA, available for supporters to visit for help and advice surrounding matches.

The Fans’ Embassy will be based in Piazza Marvelli, Rimini and be open from the afternoon of Sunday 14th November, and from 10.00 until 16.00 on Monday 15th November. They will also be contactable via the helpline on +44 7956 121314


Useful Phrases



Hello (formal)


(bohn JYOHR-noh)

Hello (informal)

Ciao. (chow)

How are you?

Come sta? (koh-may STAH?)

Fine. Thank you

Bene, grazie.

(BAY-nay, GRAHT-zee)

What is your name?

Come si chiama?

(KOH-may see kee-AH-mah?)

My Name is ______

Mi chiamo _______ .

(mee kee-AH-moh _______ )


Per favore.

(PAYR fah-VOH-ray)

Thank you

Grazie. (GRAHT-zee)

You’re welcome

Prego. (PRAY-goh)


Sì. (SEE)


No. (NOH)

Excuse me

Mi scusi. (mee SKOO-zee)




Do you Speak English?

Parla inglese?

(PAHR-lah een-GLAY-zay?)





By FA Staff