UEFA Euro 2020 Ballot Update

Monday 10 May 2021
The ballots are currently being run and we expect to announce the results to members this week

We are pleased to announce that the first ballot for the UEFA Euro 2020 Group Stage matches is now being conducted as per our update on Friday 23 April.

The first ballot included members who had initially obtained tickets but did not choose to return them to UEFA. 

This week supporters should expect to receive one of two emails;

Email 1: An email to all those who were entered into the initial ballot for tickets.

This email will outline, by group stage match, if you:

If you are successful for a match (England v Croatia example below) you will see the category at which you were successful and the unique access code for
you to purchase that specific ticket.

England v Croatia:                              Category 2, Access Code: HYDQ E39P BZ31 1686 England v Scotland:                          Unsuccessful Czech Republic v England:              Did not purchase or Chose to return


Email 2: An email to those who have not yet been entered into the ballot.

This email will explain that you were not entered into the most recent ballot but are in the queue should the initial tickets not be sold, or we receive an additional allocation of tickets.

Please be aware that each ticket holder will be emailed their ballot results separately. If you intend to purchase tickets on another members’ behalf, we would advise that you ask them to forward their email over to you in the coming days, before the sale begins.

Note: Members under the  age of 18 will have their results emailed to their parent or guardian's email address.  Their name will be included within the email to avoid confusion.

The Sale

Tickets are not first-come-first-serve. 
If you have been successfully allocated a ticket in this ballot you will have until the closing date to complete your purchase at the category you were offered.

Sales dates should be announced this week.

Any tickets that are not purchased during the initial sale will be balloted to the next members in line. We will progress through the three groups of members, in order, from Group 1 to Group 3.  We expect to be able to inform supporters of the second ballot results within 5 working days of the first sale closing.

How the sale will work

We will publish an update before the sale begins which will include detailed instructions in order to make it as easy as possible for you.  This update will also confirm temporary opening times for the England Supporters Travel Club phone line.

Once the ballots have been conducted we will publish allocations, category splits and cap cut off points for transparency. 


By FA Staff