Clive Sheldon QC's report into non-recent child sexual abuse allegations in football

Friday 28 May 2021

On 17 March 2021, we published Clive Sheldon QC’s independent report into allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in football.

As part of the publication process, Clive Sheldon QC noted that there were three annexes to his report which were, for various reasons, to remain confidential.

Annex C was confidential because it concerned an individual who was involved in ongoing criminal proceedings and Mr Sheldon QC did not wish in any way to risk prejudicing those proceedings when publishing his report in March 2021.

That trial concluded last month, with Geoffrey Broome being convicted of eight counts of indecent assault against minors and given an immediate four-year custodial sentence. Therefore, having completed a GDPR review of the Annex, we're now able to publish Annex C.


The survivors of Geoffrey Broome’s abuse have shown great resilience and bravery in reporting the abuse and in giving their evidence to enable the outcome of the trial. We acknowledge the wholly unacceptable and traumatic abuse that this individual inflicted on them.

We would like to reiterate the heartfelt apology that chief executive Mark Bullingham made on behalf of the FA and the English game to all Survivors who were affected.

They were let down by the game, the authorities and society as a whole. It remains a core priority for us to ensure that safeguarding practices continuously evolve, and we're fully committed to doing everything possible to ensure that safeguarding is at the heart of the modern game.

You can also read a message from our head of safeguarding, Sue Ravenlaw, which was written at the time.

We continue to offer support to anyone who has been impacted by non-recent child sexual abuse in football. If anyone is ready to come forward at this time, they can do so without waiving their anonymity and there is support in place if they want to access it.

Abuse can be reported via the NSPCC Helpline on 0800 023 2642 or the Police.

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