Some frequently asked questions off the back of our recent ticketing update

Tuesday 27 Apr 2021
UEFA Euro 2020 Ticket Update FAQ's

Following our update on Friday 23 April regarding how the England Supporters Travel Club ticket allocation will be managed for UEFA Euro 2020, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions that came to our attention via the forum, facebook group and email.

I am on 0 caps, do I have any chance?

Yes.  The first ballot will include members who obtained tickets and who did not return them to UEFA.  However, all members of the England Supporters Travel Club 2018-2020 will remain in the queue should we receive an increased allocation and / or a batch of returned tickets.  We will progress through three groups of members, in order, from Group 1 to Group 3 until all tickets are taken:

Group 1

- Members who applied, were successful, purchased their tickets and did not return them*

Group 2

- Members who applied, were successful, purchased their tickets and returned them to UEFA
- Members who applied but were unsuccessful

Group 3

- All remaining ESTC18-20 members

* Group matches and semi-final / final only.  Any ballot conducted for Round of 16 or Quarter Finals will include members who returned tickets to UEFA.

Do I have to re-apply?

No.  No member will need to re-apply for any tickets.  You will be automatically considered/entered into the ballot.

What if my child is offered a different category than me?

This is likely to affect a small number of members for each game who originally applied with children under 18.  After each ballot we will contact the members affected and offer them the opportunity to:

a) Accept a ticket at the price category allocated to their child in order to attend together*
b) Decline the child’s ticket and accept the ticket they were initially allocated

* Offering the child the lower category ticket (equivalent to the adult member’s allocated ticket) would result in another, higher capped member, being allocated a more expensive ticket.

Why are the Semi-Final and Final ballots not going to include all original ticket holders in the first instance (like the Round of 16 and Quarter Final)?

The decision not to treat the Semi-Final and Final in the same way was made due to the fact these two matches were always due to the played at Wembley Stadium.   Unlike the Round of 16 and Quarter Finals whereby both matches had ambiguity over possible venues, travel restrictions and ticket refunds.  We understand that the multiple question marks over these fixtures led to some supporters returning their tickets even though they still wished to attend.

What criteria will I need to meet in order to be able to attend matches at the Euro’s?

You can view the detailed COVID-19 measures for Wembley Stadium via UEFA’s website.  This page will be kept up-to-date however all ticket holders will be sent full instructions close to match day.

How will Wheelchair or Ambulant tickets be decided?

Regarding Wheelchair and Ambulant tickets, the same rules will apply.  However, the ballot for these tickets will be run separate to the ballot for general access seating. 

Can we see the caps table from the 2018-2020 membership?

Yes! We’ve added a ‘manual’ 2018-2020 Caps Table as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

We will continue to update this page as we receive more 'frequently asked questions' from our members.  In the meantime, should you have any questions that are not answered here, you can contact us directly below.

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