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Four of our Lionesses reveal their Black History Month must-watch films and follows

Tuesday 20 Oct 2020
Nikita Parris and Lucy Bronze meet Edleen John, the FA's International, Corporate Affairs and Co-Partner for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Director

It's Black History Month during October and as our England Women's squad meet up ahead of their game with Germany, we asked some of the Lionesses to recommend some powerful watching or people to follow.

Leah Williamson, Lucy Bronze, Nikita Parris and Jodie Taylor all picked a film or figure who they've found inspirational in raising awareness of equality and diversity and you can read who and what they picked and why...

Lucy Bronze

Watch: Dear White People (2017).

"It's a comedy-drama that follows a group of Black students as they start university. A lot of shows look back historically but this one explores modern day examples of racism in situations we all know and recognise, which makes it a really thought-provoking watch."

Leah Williamson

Watch: The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson (2017).

"Unreal. Marsha fought to the death for gay liberation and to better the lives of others. Her name needs to be known and have the respect it deserves."

Nikita Parris

Watch: Hidden Figures (2016).

"These women played such a pivotal role in such a historic moment and yet I didn't know anything about them. This is why Black History Month is so important. We need to educate ourselves about these hidden figures."

Jodie Taylor

Follow: Rachel Cargle

Twitter: @RachelCargle and Instagram @Rachel.Cargle

"Rachel Cargle is a writer, author, speaker and activist. I've followed her work closely this past year. She's provided a platform for many Black women and amplified the voices of many, especially through the BLM movement. I've learned a ton from following her work."

By FA Staff