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Women's Senior

Rinsola Babajide on Mane comparisons, idolising Aluko and her first week with England

Liverpool forward Rinsola Babajide was among a number of new faces in the England Women's squad for their training camp at St. George's Park last month. We caught up with the 22 year old to find out how it all went...

Tuesday 06 Oct 2020
Rinsola Babajide has previously been capped by the Young Lionesses at U20 and U19 level

Hi Rinsola, so take us back to last month and that England call-up...how did you find out about it?

I got a phone call from Phil Neville to say that I'm in the squad and I should come and enjoy it but I’m not just there to be a fan of the older players - I'm there to take their spot one day. So it’s up to me to soak up as much as I can from their experiences and add that to my game.

What were your first impressions of the senior squad when you first reported to St. George's Park?

It’s an overwhelming feeling because I've always wanted to be there with the seniors and now that I finally am, I just want to keep my spot. I know that I want to be where these girls are one day and I just need to keep working hard at the moment. It’s so different to youth games, because we have more freedom and the pace of the games is way faster. I’ve learned so much from the senior players and the coaches and staff.

The squad were split into two groups and had a training match at the end of the week. How was did you find that?

Okay so we lost - but it was actually such a good experience and we battled to the end even when we were 3-0 down. I was taking notes on the bench as to what the manager wanted from his wingers and when I came on - that’s what I tried to do. In-house games are always competitive and we tried to make it feel as ‘real’ as we could. As a young player coming through, I always want to give my all and showcase what I have to offer so that’s all I was trying to do really.

Rinsola Babajide during her first training camp with the Lionesses

Which player were you most excited about working with before the camp?

I get on with Jill Scott, Alex Greenwood, Bethany England, Rachel Daly, Steph Houghton and Carly Telford but they’re all friendly girls. On the pitch they’ve been telling me to play with freedom and just enjoy myself.

What did you hope to take away from the camp?

I just want to know where I am right now and how far I am from being one of the best in the world. From being in and around the girls, it lets me know where I'm at and where I can get to - I need to make the squad as a regular next and to do that I need to work hard.


You're now playing in the FA Women's Championship with Liverpool, so how did you that affect you coming into the squad?  

It’s such early days for us being a Championship team, but I've had so much WSL experience in the past that I just need to make sure I maintain the same standards. If that means me training more by myself, that’s what I will do - I need to stay sharp so that is what I will do.

On a personal basis, which players do you look up to the most?

From the men’s game, everyone says that me and Said Mane play similar football, so I'm always trying to look at what he is doing and learn from that. In the women’s game, it would have to be Eni Aluko. With us both being of Nigerian descent and having similar attributes on the pitch, I always looked up to her when I was young. I just hope I can go on and have a similar career to her!

By Tom Dean