Nottingham Forest pledge their support for our Football Leadership Diversity Code

Following the launch of our Football Leadership Diversity Code for English football, a number of clubs have already pledged their support. Nottingham Forest are one of those clubs, and believe the Code can influence positive change in the futureā€¦

Friday 20 Nov 2020
The City Ground has been the home of Nottingham Forest Football Club since 1898.

We have sought to put diversity at the centre of what we do. 

In 2018, we organised a fixture between Forest Women and the Jamaican Ladies international team (‘the Reggae Girlz’) as part of the celebration of the Windrush anniversary. 

The match attendance for that game was the highest for a women’s game in Europe that weekend. 

We were visited by the Foreign Minister and the High Commissioner and the game brought together all members of our local community.

As a club, we support the ideals of the Football Leadership Diversity Code and believe that action needs to take place to create change. 

These issues have been spoken about for many years with little progress and we're delighted to have been one of the few clubs to have appointed two BAME managers and we believe that the Diversity Code provides the best option for change at this time.

We believe the Code will encourage changes in patterns of behaviour to lead to the game reflecting our communities to a far greater extent than at present.

Find more information on how to sign up to the Football Leadership Diversity Code, and further detail on its principles, pledges and definitions. 

By FA Staff