Manchester United outline reasons behind Football Leadership Diversity Code support

Manchester United are one of the many professional clubs that have pledged their support for our Football Leadership Diversity Code. Here, the Red Devils highlight how the Code will be utilised to strengthen the club’s mission to champion equality, diversity and inclusion through its #allredallequal campaign…

Monday 16 Nov 2020
The 'Holy Trinity' statue of Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best, which stands outside Manchester United's Old Trafford home

While recognising this is an on-going challenge, and there is no room for complacency, Manchester United is proud of its continued efforts to champion equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Since the 2016-17 season, all related internal and external activity has been encompassed under its #allredallequal campaign. 

Within the club, principles of equality, diversity and inclusion has been integrated into all areas of the business and key decision-making processes. 

This resulted in the achievement of the Premier League Equality Standard Advanced Level in June 2019 and progress in this area has been enhanced by the development of employee inclusion networks.  

The networks, based around key strands of equality, meet regularly to drive forward related initiatives, listen to guest speakers and drive further progress across the club. 

Signing up to the Football Leadership Diversity Code presents the opportunity to enhance the work that the club is already doing within this essential area. 

Working with The FA will help to strengthen the club’s existing Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and support efforts to diversify its workforce. 

By having our people coming from a variety of diverse backgrounds, the club will be able to continue to innovate, raise standards and ensure that Manchester United remains as a club open for all. 

While much progress has been made in recent years, there is much more to learn and to do in this area. 

The work of Paul Elliott and the FA to develop the Football Leadership Diversity Code is welcomed and it's an opportunity for Manchester United to make further progress and embrace its responsibility to champion diversity throughout the industry. 

The Code will allow all levels of football to unite around common targets and actions and provide tangible benchmarks to be measured against. 

By committing to the Code, clubs across the country will be empowered to embed the principles of equality into their decision-making processes, including recruitment. 

Collectively, it will allow the game to make a huge strategic leap forward helping to reinforce the popularity of the sport for the next generation of fans, coaches, players and volunteers.

Find more information on how to sign up to the Football Leadership Diversity Code, and further detail on its principles, pledges and definitions.

By FA Staff